Sunday, December 07, 2008

Yelena Baraz, Princeton University

Phone: 609-258-3956

B.A. Brooklyn College, CUNY '97; Ph.D. UC Berkeley '04.

Professor Baraz specializes in Latin literature and Roman culture. She is interested in how literary texts shape, and are in turn shaped by, social and cultural forces. She is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Cicero's Philosophical Politics that locates the body of philosophical work Cicero produced in the 40s BCE under Caesar's dictatorship in its historical and cultural context. She is also working on a new project that explores the meaning of pride and related concepts in Roman society (a paper on this subject is forthcoming in "Kakos": Badness in Classical Antiquity, Ralph Rosen and Ineke Sluiter, edd., Brill 2008).

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