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Denis Feeney, Princeton

Phone: 609-258-7060

B.A., M.A. Auckland University ’76; D. Phil. Oxford University ’82

Professor Feeney teaches in the area of Latin poetry in particular, and has published two books on the interaction between Roman literature and religion (The Gods in Epic; Literature and Religion at Rome), with another on Roman representations of time (Caesar's Calendar). He is currently working on a book tentatively entitled Roman Horizons, on the way the Romans modernised themselves in the third and second centuries BCE.


The Gods in Epic: Poets and Critics of the Classical Tradition (Oxford University
Press, 1991)

Literature and Religion at Rome: Cultures, Contexts, and Beliefs (Cambridge
University Press, 1998) trans. Claudio Salone, ed. Piergiorgio Parroni, Letteratura e religione nell’antica
Roma: culture, contesti e credenze (Salerno Editrice, Rome, 1999)

Caesar’s Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History (University of
California Press, forthcoming, May 2007)

Recent Articles:

‘Leaving Dido: the appearance(s) of Mercury and the motivations of Aeneas’, in
A Woman Scorn’d: Responses to the Dido Myth, ed. M. Burden (London, 1998),

‘Epic violence, epic order: Killings, catalogues, and the role of the reader in
Aeneid 10’, in Reading Vergil’s Aeneid: An Interpretive Guide, ed. Christine
Perkell (Oklahoma, 1999), 178-94

‘Mea tempora: Patterning of time in Ovid’s Metamorphoses’, in P. Hardie, A.
Barchiesi and S. Hinds (eds.), Ovidian Transformations: Essays on Ovid’s
Metamorphoses and its reception (Cambridge Philological Society,
Supplementary vol. 23, Cambridge, 1999), 13-30

‘The odiousness of comparisons: Horace on Synkrisis’, in M. Paschalis (ed.),
volume on Horace, forthcoming, University of Crete

‘Una cum scriptore meo: poetry, principate, and the traditions of literary history
in the Epistle to Augustus’, in T. Woodman and D. Feeney (eds.), Traditions and
Contexts in the Poetry of Horace, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press

‘Introduction’, in Ovid: Metamorphoses. A New Verse Translation, tr. D.
Raeburn (Penguin, 2004), xiii-xxxvi

‘Interpreting sacrificial ritual in Roman poetry: disciplines and their models’, in
A. Barchiesi, J. Rüpke and S. Stephens (eds.), Rituals in Ink: A Conference on
Religion and Literary Production in Ancient Rome held at Stanford University in
February 2002 (Stuttgart, 2004), 9-29

‘Tenui…latens discrimine: spotting the differences in Statius’ Achilleid’,
Materiali e Discussioni 52 (2004), 85-105

‘The beginnings of a literature in Latin’, Journal of Roman Studies 95 (2005),
226-40 (Review Article of W. Suerbaum (ed.), Handbuch der lateinischen
Literatur der Antike. Erster Band: Die archaische Literatur. Von den Anfängen
bis zu Sullas Tod. Die vorliterarische Periode und die Zeit von 240 bis 78 v. Chr.
(Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft VIII.1, Munich, 2002))

‘Two Virgilian acrostics: certissima signa?’, with Damien Nelis, Classical
Quarterly 55 (2005), 644-6

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