Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bob Kaster, Princeton

Phone: 609-258-3963
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B.A. Dartmouth College ’69, M.A. Harvard University ’71, Ph.D. Harvard University ’75.

Professor Kaster has taught and written mainly in the areas of Roman rhetoric, the history of ancient education, and Roman ethics.
His annotated translation of Seneca's De ira and De clementia is due to appear in the 'complete works of Seneca' project of The University of Chicago Press. His current major project is an edition of Macrobius's Saturnalia for the Loeb Classical Library, which will be followed by an edition for the Oxford Classical Texts series. His commentary on Cicero's Pro Sestio appeared in Summer 2006
His book Guardians of Language: The Grammarian and Society in Late Antiquity was awarded the Goodwin Award of Merit in 1991. In May 2007 he received Princeton's Behrman Award for distinguished achievement in the Humanities.

Numerous articles and reviews on Roman education, literature, and cultural psychology: an archive of downloadable post-prints in PDF format is available through Professor Kaster's personal website.

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