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Philip A. Harland, Concordia University

Philip A. Harland is presently Assistant Professor (Social and Cultural History of Christianity) in the Religion Department of Concordia University, Montreal. He received his bachelor?s degree in both History and Religious Studies from the University of Waterloo before pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto. His master?s degree and doctorate in Christian origins and the religions of antiquity came from the Centre for the Study of Religion. Before assuming his present position at Concordia, his was teaching at several universities in Ontario, including Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, York University, and McMaster University. His teaching and research focus on the comparative study of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions in ancient society, as well as the social history of the Greco-Roman world generally.

He is currently leading a multi-year seminar within the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies focussed on studying the intersection of religion and travel in antiquity (including pilgrimage, travel to promote the efficacy of a God or gods, ethnography and travel-writing). Furthermore, he is in the midst of preparing a book-length study on the dynamics of identity in the world of the early Christians (especially familial dimensions of group identity). Another of his ongoing projects investigates acculturation and identity among immigrant groups in the Greco-Roman world, shedding light on Judeans in the diaspora. He also has teaching interests in the social and cultural history of Christianity from origins to present generally, as well as the place of women and issues of gender within that history.



Associations, Synagogues, and Congregations: Claiming a Place in Ancient Mediterranean Society. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2003.

(Winner of the F. W. Beare Book Award, Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, 2004)

Articles in Refereed Journals
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