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David Woods, University College, CORK (National University of Ireland)

David Woods, Ancient Classics, UCC: "David Woods graduated with a 1st class BA in Greek and Latin from St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, in 1987. He did his postgraduate research at the Queen's University of Belfast under the supervision of Dr. Raymond Davis. He obtained his PhD in 1991 for his thesis ?The Christianization of the Roman Army in the Fourth Century.?

He then worked in the Rescue and Insolvency Division of the chartered accountants Coopers & Lybrand, Belfast. He taught Latin for a year (1995-96) at St. Patrick's Classical School, Navan, Co. Meath, before obtaining a temporary appointment in the Department of Ancient Classics, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth (1996-98). He is now College Lecturer at the Department of Ancient Classics at UCC, teaching language courses and Roman history.

Research Interests

* The Reigns of Caligula and Nero
* The Reign of Constantine I
* The Latin Historian Ammianus Marcellinus (c. AD390)
* The Military Martyrs
* Early Hiberno-Latin Texts
* The Byzantine Chronicler Theophanes (c. AD814)
* The Arab-Byzantine Conflict in the 7th Century"

Recent publications:
  1. ?The Constantinian Origin of Justina (Themistius, Or.3.43b)?
    Classical Quarterly 54 (2004), 325-27
  2. ?Amm. 21.6.3: A Misunderstood Omen?
    Classical Philology 99 (2004), 163-68
  3. ?The Crosses on the Glass Pilgrim Vessels from Jerusalem?
    Journal of Glass Studies 46 (2004), 191-95
  4. ?Some Dubious Stylites on Early Byzantine Glassware?
    Journal of Glass Studies 46 (2004), 39-49
  5. ?Acorns, the Plague, and the 'Iona Chronicle'?
    Peritia 17-18 (2003-04), 495-502
  6. ?Nero's Pet Hippopotamus (Suet. Nero 37.2)?
    Arctos 38 (2004), 219-22
  7. ?Malalas, "Constantius", and a Church-Inscription from Antioch?
    Vigiliae Christianae 59 (2005), 54-62
  8. ?The Consequences of Nero's Ill-Health in AD64?
    Eranos 102 (2004), 109-16
  9. ?Sopater of Apamea: A Convert at the Court of Constantine I ??
    Studia Patristica forthcoming
    1,900 words
  10. ?The Origin of the Cult of St. George?
    in forthcoming conference proceedings
    7,600 words
  11. ?The Good Soldier's End: From Suicide to Martyrdom?
    in forthcoming conference-proceedings
    5,800 words
  12. ?Adomnán, Arculf, and Aldfrith?
    in forthcoming conference-proceedings
    8,100 words
  13. ?Tacitus, Nero, and the 'Pirate' Anicetus?
    Latomus, forthcoming
    3,400 words
  14. ?Jews, Rats,and the Reason for the Byzantine Defeat at the Battle of Yarmuk?
    in forthcoming conference-proceedings
    6,700 words
  15. ?Adomnán, Arculf, and the True Cross?
    ARAM Periodical, forthcoming
    4,800 words
  16. ?The Cross in the Public Square: The Column-Mounted Cross c.AD450-750?
    in forthcoming conference-proceedings
    5,500 words
  17. ?Libanius, Bemarchius, and the Mausoleum of Constantine I?
    in C. Deroux (ed.), Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History XIII, forthcoming
    4,600 words
  18. ?Caligula, Ptolemy of Mauretania, and the Danger of Long Hair?
    Arctos, forthcoming
    2,400 words
  19. ?An Earthquake in Britain in 664?
    Peritia, forthcoming
    2,000 words
  20. ?Valentinian I, Severa, Marina, and Justina?
    Classica et Mediaevalia 57 (2006), forthcoming
    4,450 words
  21. ?On the Alleged Reburial of Julian the Apostate at Constantinople?
    Byzantion, forthcoming
    2,400 words
  22. ?Flavius Felix and the Signum of the Numerus Divitiensium?
    ZPE, forthcoming
    1,006 words

Current research: Currently preparing papers on various aspects of the reigns of Caligula and Nero, focussing on the origin of some of the more fantastic tales told about these emperors.

Special website project: Military Martyrs


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