Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alexander Thein, University College Dublin

Alexander Thein: "Contacts


Tel. 353 1 716 8662

Room K204, Arts Building
Research interests

Roman Archaeology, esp. the topography of the city of Rome; Roman Republican History, esp. the Sullan Dictatorship.
Recent Publications

Ad Pictas and the Junction of the Via Latina and Via Labicana. In: Papers of the British School at Rome 73 (2005, forthcoming).

Sulla the ?Weak? Tyrant. In: Sian Lewis (ed.), Tyrants and Autocrats in the Classical World (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming).

Sullan veteran settlements. In: Papers of the British School at Rome 72 (2004) 363-4.

Review of Francis Cairns and Elaine Fantham (eds.), Caesar against Liberty? Perspectives on his Autocracy, Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar 11 (Cambridge: Francis Cairns [Publications], 2003). In: Journal of Roman Studies 94 (2004) 239.

Review of Karl Christ, Sulla. Eine r?mische Karriere (Munich: C. H. Beck, 2002). In: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.03.08 (