Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dr Alison Cooley, University of Warwick


"Dr Cooley is interested in all aspects of the Roman world - social, cultural, economic, and political. Her research focuses upon Roman Italy in particular, and upon the use of inscriptions in both ancient and modern times. Recent books include a study of the spread of Latin in the inscriptions of the Roman West and an archaeological history of Pompeii. She contributes a regular series of short articles on Pompeii to the magazine Omnibus. She is currently working on two major projects, a new edition of the Res Gestae and the Cambridge Handbook to Latin Epigraphy (both Cambridge University Press). In 2004 she was awarded The Butterworth Memorial Teaching Award by the University."

Recent Publications:

Forthcoming Publications

  • Entry on ?Inscriptions? (jointly with G.J. Oliver) in The Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome, edd. E. Bispham, T. Harrison, B. Sparkes
  • ?Beyond Rome and Latium: Roman religion in the age of Augustus?, in C. Schultz & P. B. Harvey, eds Numen Adsit (CUP: Yale Classical Studies)