Friday, November 18, 2005

Dr. John Creighton

"Dr. John Creighton?s research centres upon Later Iron Age and Early Roman NW Europe. His books include: ?Britannia: the creation of a Roman Province? (2005); ?Coins & Power in Late Iron Age Britain? (2000), 'Celti: the archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica' (with Simon Keay and Jose Remesal, 2001), and he has co-edited the volume 'Roman Germany: Studies in Cultural Interaction' (1999).
His fieldwork has included work in Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Presently he is completing a project, with Colin Haselgrove, examining the landscape in the vicinity of the Iron Age oppidum of Mont Beuvray (Bibract) and the Roman town of Autun in Burgundy.
He is currently the Director of CETL-AURS, an interdisciplinary centre for promoting and developing undergraduate research skills across the University.

Research Interests:

* Imagery and the negotiation of power
* Coinage and commodification
* Urban landscapes and social memory"

Recent Publications:

Creighton, J. (2005) Gold, ritual and kingship In Iron Age Coinage and Ritual Practices (Eds. Wigg-Wolf, D. and Haselgrove, C. C.) Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Mainz am Rhein, pp. 69-84.