Monday, November 07, 2005

Barbara Burrell

Barbara Burrell - CV
Associate Research Professor of Classics
University of Cinncinatti
PhD, Harvard University 1980

Contact information:
phone: 513-556-3180
fax: 513-556-4366

Research Areas:
Archaeology of eastern Roman provinces, numismatics,ancient history.

Trained at New York University and at Harvard, she has dug at sites across the Mediterranean, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and currently in Israel, where she is Field Director for a project investigating the Palace of Herod and of the Roman Governors at Caesarea Maritima. Her specialties include Roman provincial coins, Greek epigraphy of Asia Minor, and Hellenistic and Roman imperial art, architecture, and history. She has taught seminars in numismatics; gender and archaeological theory; the emperor Hadrian; the crisis of the third century C.E.; and on the archaeology of Israel (the last for the Hebrew Union College). Her major work on cities that built temples to the imperial cult, Neokoroi: Greek Cities and Roman Emperors, is due to appear this year. She was recently appointed the first Senior Fellow of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Research, at Macquarie University in Sydney."