Friday, October 14, 2005

Karl Galinsky

Karl Galinsky:

Karl Galinsky
Floyd Cailloux Centennial Professor of Classics
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Texas at Austin
Phone: (512) 471-8504
FAX: (512) 471-4111 (office)


The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus (Fall 2005); besides editing, contributed intro (pp. 1-10) and chapter on ?Vergil?s Aeneid and Ovid?s Metamorphoses as World Literature? (pp. 340-58).


?Recarved Imperial Portraits: Nuances and Wider Context,? in E. Varner, ed., Tyranny and Transformation II (Univ. of Texas Press,; publication of volume delayed because of other contributors).

?The Classical Tradition in Film,? in C. Kallendorf, ed., A Companion to the Classical Tradition (Oxford 2006).

?Hercules,? in G. Most, A. Grafton, and S. Settis, eds., The Classical Tradition (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univ. Press 2006).

?Augustan Religion,? in J. Rüpke, ed., The Blackwell Companion to Roman Religion (Oxford 2006).


?E pluribus unum: Religion as a Cohesive Force in Ancient Rome.? The 34th Gail A. Burnett Lecture in Classics (San Diego State University, 2003).


?Horace?s Cleopatra and Vergil?s Dido,? Studies in Honor of William Henderson (New York and Frankfurt 2003) 121-29.

?Recut Roman Portraits: Nuances and Wider Context,? AJA 106 (2002) 271.

?Greek and Roman Drama and the Aeneid,? in D. Braund and C.J. Gill, eds., Myth, History and Culture in Republican Rome (Exeter 2003) 275-94.