Friday, August 12, 2005

Robert C. Knapp

Robert C. Knapp

Presently a Professor of Classics, University of California at Berkeley and Chair, Nemea Center Advisory Committee.

B.A. 1968 Central Michigan University, Ph.D. 1973 University of Pennsylvania

Special interests: Roman History, Culture, and Literature; Latin Epigraphy; Greek Numismatics

Aspects of
the Roman Experience in Iberia, 206-100 B.C.
Roman Córdoba;
Latin Inscriptions from Central Spain
Finis Rei Publicae: Eyewitnesses to the End of the Roman Republic (with Pamela Vaughn)
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (editor for Iberia)
Nemea III: The Coins (with John Mac Isaac)

Work in Progress:
Invisible Romans: Self-Identity, Imposed Identity, and Power in the Roman World
Work underway to investigate from their own points of view the social attitudes and conditions of the non-elites in the Roman world

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